About “If I Can Deal So Can You”

The origins of this website began late one night during my senior year of college. It was about one in the morning, and I had spent the majority of the day outlining my final thesis and writing a piece for my university’s social justice blog. I forget what stressor caused my lightbulb moment, but I was in a state where, once again, I felt alone in having epilepsy. I didn’t feel like I had a community, and, when looking at the facts, I really didn’t. I didn’t have any friends who had epilepsy; there were no campus groups dedicated to epilepsy, which is strange for a campus that had both a salsa dancing club and a Quidditch team. On top of that lack of community, I was annoyed and dissatisfied with other forms of help out there. Apart from my intellectual angst, I’m fairly certain that I had probably consumed nearly eight cups of coffee that day. So, there I was, jittery, sweaty, and sad, when I decided that enough was enough. I was going to take my community-lessness into my own hands and create a blog.

While I had the tenacity to start this site nearly a year and a half ago, I quickly realized that you can’t build a site in one night. Life took over and time passed, but I also had some prejudice against the internet to deal with. I used to take a huge stance against blogging. The word “blog” actually made me sneer in that pretentious “Oh you’ve never heard of this band, where have you been” type of way. I used to think blogging was beneath me and my “craft,” so I railed against it and refused to do it. Fast forward an undergraduate degree later, growing up a little more made me realize that I’m a human being. I’m not really above anything, including blogging. So, I finished this site for both me and you to enjoy.

My plan is to post something at least once a week about various tricks of the trade (the trade being living with epilepsy), personal stories of combating discrimination, and often awkward yet funny stories of ways in which epilepsy impacted how I felt and viewed myself functioning in the world around me. The format of this site is part self-help, part lifestyle tips and tricks, part creative non-fiction essays, and part millennial sass. I am in no way the first epileptic person to create a personal community-building blog, but I am someone with a wealth of experiences dealing with a rare genetic form of epilepsy, which lends itself to some unique experiences.

My overall goal for this website is to build a community centered on learning from one another about ways to navigate life with epilepsy, as well as cultivating self-worth as individuals with epilepsy. I want this to be an online space dedicated to learning and finding community in a way that’s entertaining and interesting for everyone involved.

On that note, thanks for joining me!