UPDATE (2/23/2020): If I Can Deal So Can You will be archived effective February 26th, 2020.

Hi everyone,

After some careful consideration, I decided that I want to take my blog in a new direction. When I started this site, my intentions were to educate others about epilepsy. In this stage of my life, I believe that my blog should focus on my fiction writing and how my epilepsy relates to matters of fiction and matters of politics beyond the daily life of epilepsy.

If you’re patient and curious, I intend to publish my writing site no later than June of 2020. Feel free to watch my Twitter for the premier of that site. I can be found @alyssajaymartin.

Most importantly, thanks for everything so far.



Welcome to “If I Can Deal, So Can You,” a blog about living with epilepsy in everyday life. The goal of this site is to share my experiences living with epilepsy in an honest and entertaining way. Hopefully, you might learn something from my sad, hilarious, and sometimes brutal experiences, and maybe I’ll learn something from you if you feel so inclined to comment below. To learn more about me and the goals of the website, please read the “About” pages in the menu.

Every week, I will post one or two (hopefully interesting) stories about my experiences with having epilepsy. These experiences can range from discrimination in school to dealing with the medical community. Some posts may just be lists of self-advocacy tips you can use if you have epilepsy or know someone with epilepsy (which is extremely likely because, hi, 1 in 26 Americans will develop some form of epilepsy). Some posts may just be somewhat awkward or funny stories about a situation my epilepsy has caused and how I dealt with it. Whatever I write, I’ve decided that I want to share it in an extremely public way with other people. All current and future blog posts can be found in the “Recent Blog Posts” page in the menu.

The concept of the site is fairly simple, but this website is just as much for me as it is for you. Because epilepsy is a largely invisible and ambiguous disease, I have trouble finding communities of epileptics and, specifically, women with epilepsy to talk to. I’ve joined a few groups over the years and have blogged on some epilepsy-specific websites. I’ve read a lot of self-help books. Although I’ve found some support by joining these online communities, I couldn’t find exactly what I had been looking for.

This site exists because I now know what’s been missing from these sources of community. I want to talk about epilepsy and the sensitive issues surrounding it in a way that’s honest and real. This is as much for me as it is for you because I want a platform that allows me to speak my mind and possibly connect with others. I want a space where people with epilepsy can talk openly, not just about medical information, but about the daily ups and downs of living with epilepsy. We all have something to contribute, so I welcome individuals with epilepsy as well as the general public to take part.